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Here you can discuss any issue, question or feeling about bioknoppix. This forum allows anonymous access but users are encouraged to register. It's free!

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Hot topic without new replies   Customizing Bioknoppix

Posted by abhishek at

Hi :)

this is abhishek, I am III year Btech Bioinformatics student, I want to customize the Bioknoppix live CD with inhouse develpoed analysis tool ...

Posted by varunkhanna at
my id is ...
Replies: 2 , Views: 15748

Hot topic without new replies   Question on updating...

Posted by dankoc at


Very interested in using Bioknoppix from a USB drive. I would like to add some software (specifically R, the bioconducter package, the cluster ...

Replies: 0 , Views: 12954

Hot topic without new replies   bioinformatic algorithm design with reconfigurable computing

Posted by baetriz at

Dear Colleagues,

I wanted to take up this opportunity to briefly point your attention to
academic and scientific driven course with direct im ...

Replies: 0 , Views: 14598

Hot topic without new replies question CD image question

Posted by Urso at

Sorry for posting this question here, but I couldnt find any info about this in the tutorial.
I have a question regarding the .iso file.
I dow ...

Last reply: Re: CD image question
Posted by nincb123 at
I recommend to use a differenr burner. Search for DroptoCD on google. Download/install it and when the window of the program opens, right click in it ...
Replies: 1 , Views: 16008

Hot topic without new replies yawn waiting for ver 3

Posted by dksamuel at

When will Bioknoppix ver 3 be ready I want to use JEMBOSS8) ...

Replies: 0 , Views: 14470

Hot topic without new replies   JEMBOSS not working

Posted by dksamuel at

Booting was OK, JEMBOSS starts but no analysis gets done
Is there any workaround, please:( ...

Replies: 0 , Views: 13938

Hot topic without new replies   installation on laptop

Posted by zheng at

Hi there,

I am wondering whether it is possible to use Bioknoppix in a laptop. I tried
to use to on my laptop, but i always reports error. but i d ...

Replies: 0 , Views: 18903

Hot topic without new replies grin Download problem

Posted by q1kim at

I'm a korean researcher working on the field of biotechnology.
When preparing a new linux box, I heard about bioknoppix from Knoppix Customizati ...

Last reply: Re: Download problem
Posted by q1kim at
I finally get the debian system from bioknoppix-0.2.1.
(I get bioknoppix from mirror site.)
:grin: ...
Replies: 1 , Views: 17821

Hot topic without new replies   Information about BioKnoppix

Posted by joerg04 at


I just want to know if a version for PowerPC is planed.
And second, did you consider to use Kanotix ( ...

Replies: 0 , Views: 14251

Hot topic without new replies   Knoppix Customizations Wiki, Torrent

Posted by anonxx at

I had updated BioKnoppix's entry on Knoppix Customizations Wiki:

Perhaps the Bio ...

Replies: 0 , Views: 19723

Hot topic without new replies   New site.

Posted by humberto at

Welcome to the new and improved bioknoppix site. We hope the new site encourages users to communicate their experiences with bioknoppix.

Thanks to ...

Last reply: Re: New site.
Posted by coastie at
I have the last version on cd and when i saw this distro a few months ago i had to have it. Right now I am approximately 25 hrs away from my bach. in ...
Replies: 2 , Views: 66336

Hot topic without new replies   Intall bioknoppix permanently

Posted by larmande at


is it possible installing bioknoppix permanently as another linux distribution ? Cause it's very intresting to have lots of
bioinformatic sof ...

Posted by larmande at
Thanks a lot !
I'll check knoppix web site for more info.
Pierre. ...
Replies: 2 , Views: 23333

Hot topic without new replies   hi

Posted by bioy at

hi:cool: ...

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Hot topic without new replies   A simple question

Posted by grusso at

my name is Giuseppe Russo and I work as Post Doctoral Fellow in the Center of Science and Biotechnology, Temple Univeristy, Philadelphia, PA U ...

Last reply: Re: A simple question
Posted by carlos at
Sorry fro the delay I was on vacation. Anyway the answer is yes we are planning to deliver more applications (suggestions are welcome). The problem is ...
Replies: 1 , Views: 22539

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