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 • A simple question

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 • A simple question

Posted by grusso at 2004-09-29 12:11 AM

my name is Giuseppe Russo and I work as Post Doctoral Fellow in the Center of Science and Biotechnology, Temple Univeristy, Philadelphia, PA USA.
I find your project quite interesting and very valid. I am wondering if you would like to add also some software for microarray analysis. I saw in the list Bioconductor that is quite good but I think that it could be very interesting to choose a package of different linux software for microarray analysis. What do you think of the new Knoppix 3.7 version? Are you planning to do a DVD version too?
Best Regards
Giuseppe Russo Ph.D.

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 • Re: A simple question

Posted by carlos at 2004-10-04 05:04 PM

Sorry fro the delay I was on vacation. Anyway the answer is yes we are planning to deliver more applications (suggestions are welcome). The problem is space the DVD is an option the issue is the distribution, downloading or burning a DVD is not so feasible for many people. Again suggestions are appreciated.


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