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 question CD image question

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question CD image question

Posted by Urso at 2005-11-03 06:47 AM

Sorry for posting this question here, but I couldnt find any info about this in the tutorial.
I have a question regarding the .iso file.
I downloaded a program for winXP that can write .iso files to CD (CDburnerXP pro).
Should I use the option of making a "bootable" windows CD?

/Bjorn Johansson

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 • Re: CD image question

Posted by nincb123 at 2006-01-16 01:25 PM

I recommend to use a differenr burner. Search for DroptoCD on google. Download/install it and when the window of the program opens, right click in it and select the ISO option. Find your saved ISO and burn it. No option selected required! :)

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