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We survived slashdot

Thanks to our story being published on a US long weekend Saturday afternoon, we survived a slashdotting.

On Saturday February 14, 2004, the bioknoppix web site was featured on slashdot resulting in a flood of curious visitors. At around the 7'th comment, our plone based site was behaving sluggishly, prompting calls to our network administrator from his brother in Kentucky (thanks again Jesus!).

After a quick search of google, I followed the instructions at to turn on caching on our zope site and apache front end.

We also publicized our bit torrent of bioknoppix, which helps to distribute the load over the entire Internet.

All in all, the machine served up 160,000+ hits to the bioknoppix site on Saturday, and we estimate 2083 downloads of the 781MB .iso over the weekend.

As Carlos says, we're happier than a dog with two tails.

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